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Posted Mar 17, 2009

Budgies are great birds easy to train maintain with little expense past the purchase and cage. I raised Budgies for a long time then had to move when I was able I again start an aviary but was talked into Cockatiel  but I missed my little ones and their odd little dances so much I gave my son a pair last year. They were wild and I mean wild raised in an open aviary and never handled but you would never know it now. Within a week he had his little girl on his hand and after less than a month she was calling him. The male was a bit more stubborn but he is so beautiful and smart we kept at it and now he comes to hand outside the cage so well you would never know he was a wild bird. They love to watch tv and woe be unto the person who tries to cover the cage if it's still on Skylar can get very loud when you interfer with his cartoons. His favorite thing is to sneak attack our oldest male Cockatiel and that does drive me crazy as well as every bird in the house. He also likes to tell on the Tiels if he sees them doing something he gets taken away from he starts up with the Budgie shriek until someone comes and makes them behave ..He sure is proud of himself then puffs up and prances around the perches like he's the boss.
Snowball is our little princess she likes to have a soft toothbrush run over her face and if we forget to do it she goes to the shelf and fetches it well throws it on the floor she's too small to carry it. Good thing too because she likes to carry things around and drop them on heads. It is usualy spinach leaves so I think she is bringing us presents. We were bit quite often at first but only by Skylar and he only bites if he gets scared now. I think that any variety of bird that can be brought from wild to hand tame as fast as Budgies could be concidered very smart. I often recommend Budgies as pets for older kids since they are easy to keep and delightful little creatures that love attention music and tv.  I do not ever recomend them for smaller kids one squeeze will get them bit.

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