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Pete the Parakeet


Tennessee, United States

Posted Oct 03, 2014

I got Pete when I was around 8 years old. He was a cute, green little imp of a bird. Our friends down the street owned Parakeets at the time, and when my father and I had held them for only a few moments, we knew we just had to have some of our own feathery friends.

We went to the local pet store where we bought Pete and Sky (of course, Sky was blue). We quickly fell in love with the birds, and Pete became my new companion.

I remember having to clean out their bird cage often, and it was my daily chore to feed and give them clean water. They could be quite messy, and were always flinging bird feed out of their cage (which drove my mother up the wall). They could also be quite noisy, and their bird calls were harsh rather than melodic, but they were never the less, happy sounds.

For all the mess and the noise, they were incredibly social, that is why I think I loved Pete so much. I would talk to him constantly. I was determined to teach him how to say "Pretty Bird." He was gentle and would sit on my finger very patiently. We had their wings clipped often, but even so, he would still try to fly around the room, creating a perfect game of chase.

Unfortunately, we also owned a cat before the birds ever became a part of our lives. I don't recommend that you share living spaces between these two creatures, because no matter the precautions you may make, they are still natural "enemies." I'll let you guess what happened to Pete.

Even though Pete was only part of my life for a short time, he still holds a special place in my heart. We owned several birds after Pete died, but it just wasn't the same. I loved Pete, he had become my friend, and I will always remember our chasing games and how he was my "Pretty Bird."

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