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Posted Sep 07, 2014

Budgies are one of the most adaptable bird species you can keep. They can be kept as solo companion birds, in pairs or in large flocks. They’re available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of body types.

The only real problem with budgies is that they’re inexpensive to the point that many are purchased on a whim. I’ve been keeping budgies for nearly twenty years and only just lost the first budgie I ever purchased several years ago.

While they can be prone to cancers and the lifespan of individual birds vary incredibly, budgies can be long lived and are not by any means a short-term pet. Unfortunately, quite a few of the budgies I’ve kept were adopted from people who had grown bored of them or realized that a bird didn’t fit their lifestyle.

Budgies are frequently kept as first birds for good reason. If you love birds, budgies are a wonderful, easy to care for species, but make sure that you actually like birds before bringing one home.

Like any other bird, budgies will kick seed everywhere. They need regular cleaning in and around their cage. Budgies that are comfortable in their environment also constantly chatter.

They’re not loud birds, but I’m writing this downstairs in my office and can clearly hear my budgies (I currently have seven) talking upstairs on the other side of the house. I love that about them, but if you enjoy a quiet house they should be avoided.

Parakeets can make do in a small cage, especially if they’re given a lot of supervised time outside of it. However, these are active, intelligent birds that love to fly and play.

Unless you are purchasing a parakeet as a companion bird that will be given constant attention then you need more than one. Budgies should be provided with lots of toys, interactive treats and the largest habitat you have room for.

Budgies are highly entertaining birds that bring a vibrant energy to a home. They are, however, also a long-term commitment that should be carefully considered before bringing these beautiful birds into your home.

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