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Peter and Mila


Posted Aug 29, 2014

My first experience with a parakeet as a pet wasn’t very pleasant, neither to me nor to the poor parakeet. Not that I hadn’t liked birds before, but I didn’t have any experience with them. It happened suddenly that my family got a pet because a parakeet flew into our house. We knew it flew away from someone, but we couldn’t let it flew away again, because it would die outside, so we decided to keep it. It was a very clever, interesting and funny bird which made us laugh and we named it Peter.
The following day I went to the market to buy a new cage and seeds for our new friend. I had noticed a woman standing beside the cage with parakeets and watching them. I bought a cage and on my way home I saw a note on a tree, which read ’’ we are looking for the parakeet“. I dialed the number and that woman came to get her pet. She took our Peter and left us a small box. I opened it and we got almost the same parakeet, but this one was a young female, so we named it Mila. We wanted it to speak, to come on our hands and shoulders, to talk and to be exactly the same like Peter. But Mila stayed wild until one day she opened her cage by her beak and flew away. We forgot that Peter was a member of that family for a long time, they taught him to be as we saw him, and we were so impatient and we wanted Mila to do everything immediately. We didn’t know anything about parakeets. We were sad after Mila flew away from us. We bought books, went to pet shops to watch parakeets so we could learn about them.
Nowadays we have another parakeet called Mila. We were much more patient and nicer to this Mila. She plays around, sings, speaks, dangles, and watches herself in the mirror, then turns her back and watches if she is still in the mirror. Now we enjoy our pet and hope that she enjoys being part of our family.
The lesson we learnt from Peter and Mila is that before we get a pet we should be ready for it, and we should know all about it.

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