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Acquired: Pet store

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Budgeroo - A happy companion



Posted Aug 28, 2014

We got our budgie as a pet for my daughter. We originally had a friend come over and give us some advice re the care and training of our budgie (my friend has many birds and years of experience). She trimmed her claws for us so she was easier to handle. My ex-husband had a way with birds and was able to gain Budge's trust more than myself or my daughter. My daughter is scared of the bird, so doesn't handle her much. I think this is partly due to her not being handled a great deal in the past 2 years. I just don't have the time to train her. Pros: She's a bright, happy addition to our home as she happily chirps away throughout the day. She's easy to care for, even when we go away for a few days. I either get someone to feed her (if it's a longer trip) or I leave the blocks of birdseed you can get that hang in the cage, along with her fresh feed and water (plus an extra water container) when it's a weekend trip. Her bird seed is cheap, so cost-wise she's very economical. We were given a lovely cage, so that was a bonus. I pick up cuttle fish when we go to the beach, so she has that in her cage too. Her cage is easy to clean. She's entertaining when she jumps down and eats her food when we sit at the dining table (her cage is nearby). When we do get her out and spend time with her she's very cute (if she's doesn't get anxious and bite). She's really a no-fuss pet. Cons: When I'm working (especially when filming a video) she's often very loud. Ditto when we're watching TV or listening to an audiobook (she thinks we're talking to her). Without regular physical touch, she does not like being handled and, thus, tends to bite, which means my daughter is scared to play with her. Cleaning out the cage may be easy, but it's an extra job to do. She leaves a bit of mess outside the cage from her discarded seed shells. I have to consider how to care for her when we go away. She can't easily travel with us.

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