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7630 136, Portugal

Posted Aug 24, 2014

My budgerigar named Rick or Rickie was the first pet I ever owned. At that time I wasn't able to keep a dog (not enough space and time), thus I figured a budgerigar would make a perfect pet. However, in the end it required almost as much time as if I owned a dog! Ricky needed a lot of attention, being with no company made him sad and quiet. For this reason I later got another budgerigar (Frankie), which made a huge difference. I would say, keeping a pair is a lot easier option as it will make sure the birds are happy and entertained. However, they do need a daily looking-after. If I had to leave my house for more than a day, I would always have to ask my friends or neighbours to come round. Fresh water needs to be changed every day, or even twice a day. I also let them out of the cage at least a couple of times a week. At the beginning getting them back wasn't very easy (also, they poop on furniture etc., which can be annoying), but with time I managed to train them, so they would sit on my hand and I would bring them back to the cage. Noise wasn't something that bothered me, with time you get used to it and even miss it, if the birds are away. Rickie and Frankie quickly started mimicking sounds, although they weren't able to produce actual words. Health-wise, I think these birds may be a little weak, for example, you need to make sure you keep them away from cold currents of air, otherwise they will catch a cold (yes, birds can catch one!). They need to receive enough vitamins and minerals so their feathers, nails and beak are healthy. I used a special vitamin supplement which I poured into their drinking water.
In general, I think these birds are great pets for children, as they are very entertaining and you will have a lot fun teaching them tricks. These colourful and cheerfully singing creatures will definitely liven-up your home. You just need to make sure you have enough time to monitor their well being, and as I said before - go for a couple rather than an individual bird.

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