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My Budgie


United States

Posted Jul 20, 2014

I got my parakeet, Louie, somewhat spur of the moment, which was probably not the best idea. I fell in love with Louie the second I saw him. He had bright blue feathers with black markings around his neck and wings...so pretty! I bought him that same day from my local Petsmart, along with a small cage, a couple toys, and some food. My parakeet's wings were also clipped in-store so he would not fly away. Apparently this is something you need to keep up with, because the feathers will grow back (I did not have Lou long enough to get it done a second time). Having never held a bird prior to that day, bringing Louie home and trying to get him to get used to me was difficult! He did not appreciate my hand in his cage, and would flap his wings and try to fly every time I did it, which scared me half to death each time. He never truly got comfortable enough with me to allow me to take him out of his cage myself, but I was able to successfully teach him the step-up trick. However, if I tried to slowly move him out while on my finger, he would try to bite me and go back to his perch, which was disappointing because I wanted a more lovable, friendly pet. I had heard great things about parakeets and how social/sweet they are, but mine was very skittish and hesitant of me. I am not sure if it was something I did, or if it was something that happened to him while at the pet store, but he didn't seem to ever truly warm up to me. I did enjoy his tunes though! I kept Louie in my bedroom on my nightstand, and he would chirp along with the other birds outside in the morning. Sometimes I would bring his cage into the living room and set it up in front of a window, which he really enjoyed. When I would get ready for work, I would play my Miranda Lambert (country singer) CD on my stereo, and he absolutely loved it. It cracked me up how he would sing along to the tune of almost every song on the CD. My parakeet was a Miranda Lambert fan, I guess! I only had the little guy for a couple months, as he passed away not too long after I got him. I actually had taken him over to my mom's house so she could watch him for a couple hours while I worked, but she did not listen to my only request (to keep her cat away from the cage), and my poor Louie was scared to death...literally.

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