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My Experience with Two Budgies


United States

Posted Jul 17, 2014

I had an amazing time owning a green parakeet named Vince. Without any training he would come when called, he perched on the top of the bathroom door while I took a shower, followed me around the house, and he was just generally everything you might hope from a bird as far as temperament and intelligence.

About a year after we first bought Vince we got another parakeet we named Izzy, to keep Vince company since we didn't give the poor guy as much attention as he wanted. She was shy, made a racket during the night (somewhat soothed by putting a cover over the cage), and bit any hand that got close enough to touch her, but her and Vince seemed to get along, so there was that at least.

Then the worst nightmare of any bird owner's life happened--Vince flew out the front door and we never saw him again. We kept Izzy for a little while, but eventually gave her to someone who already had two birds and would appreciate her more.

What did I learn from the whole debacle? Birds are hard work. Parakeets are perhaps the least work of any other species, but they are still work. They're wild animals with widely varying temperaments.

Some things to keep in mind before purchasing a parakeet:

There's a good chance they won't like you, or being handled, or even being outside their cage. This is going to take a lot of work and patience on your part to change.

If you want to absolutely ensure that your parakeet can't fly away you're going to have to commit to clipping their wings regularly, or paying someone to clip them for you.

You may have to put up with annoying noises in the night.

They poop on everything, and it can be a pain to really get their cage clean.

On the other hand they can be very beautiful, and even loving if you have the patience or the luck to find a great bird.

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