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Jeffrey and Jimmy


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Posted May 28, 2014

For my Dad's birthday, we bought him two budgies, as he'd wanted them for a very long time. I'm personally absolutely terrified of birds but I look after the budgies for my Dad as he is out of the house a lot.

The budgies are very vocal birds and it can sometimes become very irritating, especially when you're trying to concentrate or something. It's even worse in the early hours of the morning when they can be heard throughout the house and wake everyone at 5am. But, at least their vocals are pretty to listen to for the most part!

The birds are very easy to clean, and it can be done whilst the birds are out flying. The birds need to be let out to fly in order for them to spread their wings, and they sometimes make a mess when they're out flying but they're easy to clean up after. Whilst I let Jeffrey and Jimmy out to fly, I take it as a chance to clean their cage, replace their food, treats and water.

The birds are very easy to handle, for most people. However, they react better to me than they do others as I'm the one that handles them the most. If someone they haven't been handled by before attempts to put their hand in the cage, Jeffrey squawks loudly and flaps whilst Jimmy tends to attack the hand. Eventually, with patience the birds will get used to new people.

Overall, budgies are very easy pets to have. They benefit from being cleaned out daily and need to have their food changed regularly (due to the seed cases getting in the way of the new seed), and need patience when you first get them before they can be handled. But, if you can offer them the time and patience that they need. They're amazing pets to have!

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