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Posted May 07, 2014

Well, you learn something new everyday! All these years I thought I just had "1 blue and 1 yellow parakeet", come to learn they were Budgerigers. SO - my very first pet bird EVER was a blue Budgeriger, well, blue and white with the black lines and colored dots on his face … I was young, very young, like 9 or 10 years old when I got this bird. I am now in my 30's.. I named him Little Joe because I was obsessed with Bonanza as a child .. lol .. Little Joe was the coolest bird, I was so in love with him. Even though he didn't do anything special like mimic sounds or any eye catching tricks, he would sing and he'd ride on my shoulder and when flying about, he'd always come back to me (which is special for a kid) … and he was just always "pleasant" to be around, have, hold, pet his soft feathers, etc. He was a low maintenance pet (which my parents liked!) and I was responsible for cleaning his cage (eeewwww), but it wasn't "ssoooo baaddd", you get used to it on your list of household chores as a kid.. his poops were small and his food was tiny (compared to food/poops of larger parrots), so this for me was a small price to pay for having his company.

As an adult, my review of parakeets is this: I think they are great "starter" pets for children … low cost, minimal investment, low maintenance, and you aren't committing to 20 years of your life to the care of this bird (like larger parrots), AND if/when the time comes for the bird to pass away *sniff*, it's a good starting point for kids to learn the "death lesson" on, instead of a family pet like a DOG or a HORSE that means sssssooooooo much more and in not only ingrained in the family, but can become the fabric of a family, in some families.. that kids could be so devastated on losing. So yea, not to be morbid or a downer here talking about death, but let's face it, it's a very REAL part of pet ownership, and it's a hard thing to handle when you have children who are attached to the pet… and I learned my earliest death lessons on goldfish and parakeets, which helped me in overcoming our cat loss years later down the road. So from a parenting aspect, (and a teachers point of view, which my background is in K-3rd grade), parakeets are a good start for those lessons. They are also a good start for learning responsibility as a child.. have to remember to feed it, water it, clean cage, clean dishes, cover their cage up at night and turn the night light on, etc. To children, this kind of responsibility is huge for their development, self esteem, and their purpose in contributing to family. I really loved my Little Joe, he is a great memory from my childhood.

NOW, I added a yellow parakeet named Missy to George's cage, you know, so he could have a sibling? Well she was MEAN. She was not cuddly, easy to hold, pet, or even like. She ended up getting out of the house one day and flew up into the trees, and then flew away and I never saw her again. She was my tragedy in the parakeet world. *sniff* But LITTLE JOE? He was my parakeet hero! :)))

I don't have any pictures around of these birds, but they looked just like the other photos you see posted on this review page.

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