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64331, Germany

Posted Apr 16, 2014

4 years ago my son was wishing for birds and so we decided to buy 2 budgies for him. Two, because they usually live in group and you shouldn´t have just one.
A female in a nice blue called Lilli, and a green/yellow male called Punky. We worried a little bit, if we may get little birds than, but we read, that they don´t breed, if there is no nest at the cage.
My son wanted to tame the birds, but they were very shy and because they had each other, they weren´t interested in human – beside getting food.
When we are cleaning the cage, we let the budgies fly. The first thing we had to learn was, that we better close the roller blind, because if we didn´t, the budgies fly against the window. But after we solve that, they love now to be a while out of their cage. I thought they will take the chance to fly, but most of all they like to sit on a high place and watching whats going on around. And they love to climb around.
Budgies are a real good bird species for kids. They are funny and active and I love to listen to their chirp – and they chirp much sometimes. When you got to know them better, you can see on the way they are chirping whats going on – if its just a happy chirping or if Lilli and Punky have an argument. If they have trouble with each other, it sounds like an old married couple.
3 weeks ago Lilli died. We were really sorry and gave her a nice funeral, which were very important for my son – especially it was the first animal he lost.
We thought about buying a new fellow, but than we read, that the budgies you can buy are all just young age and it would be better to have one around Punkys age. For the first time we decided to let him alone, take more care about him – talking to him and so on, and wait how he feels with the new situation.

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