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Posted Apr 07, 2014

I have two of the most adorable budgies in the universe. (Yes, I bet most owners say that). My budgies names are Lucy and Billy. I'm currently sitting in the middle of their nap time talk. Budgies talk in their sleep, it's one of the cutest things ever.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing a budgie
- Budgies make a lot of noise. Be ready for that. Males make more noise than girls, as they are more prone to talk. Billy can say his own name, poopie and how are you among other things. Lucy only really makes bird sounds. We trained this by repeating certain words and phrases every day.
- They are really active and it's the best to let them out of their cage at least four hours a day. Even though budgies can be kept in their cages with enough toys, it's better for the bird to come out as it also lengthens their lifespan.
- They poop. A lot. I really think they poop on everything you love for fun. Thankfully their poops are tiny and dry up after a few seconds making it easy to clean up.
- They are very social birds. Only get one bird if you are home a lot. Otherwise definitively get two.
- They are very picky eaters and even though they should eat more than seeds it will be difficult to get them to eat new things. (Unless these new things are on your plate, because then they turn into little thieves and can possibly land in the middle of your plate.)

One last tip:
It's easier to get them tame if you start out with one, train that one and then get a second as they parrot each other. That way you will get two hand tame budgies.

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