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Chicky, Sky and Tiger


brooklyn, New York, United States

Posted Apr 02, 2014

Over the past three years I have been the owner of three different parakeets. The first bird I owned was named Chicky. He was flying around outside my apartment building. He was fairly easy to catch but he bites pretty hard. I decided to take him home. After some research I determined this animal was fairly easy to care for. I gave him a decent size cage, toys and swings and adequate food and water. The bird was friendly, would sing in the mornings or if you played music around him. We were able to train him to hop onto your finger. With my research I learned that they are easily frightened and are sensitive to the cold. Though at the time my daughter was a very loud and rambunctious toddler and the bird was very fond of her and didn’t seem to be easily startled. Chicky resided with us for about a year before he passed away. Due to the fact that we caught him outdoors we had no way of knowing how old he was. We knew he was male due to his coloring. He was a very nice pet and made very lovely sounds. He was fairly easy to care for though as with any bird a bit messy. My daughter was really proud of the progressive she had made with his training and was very fond of him. To make her feel better we got her two more parakeets named Sky and Tiger. The birds were very active but didn’t sing much. They wanted little to nothing to do with us and we were only able to get one of the birds to jump on our fingers a few times, usually they would just bite. After a bit more research we found out that singularly these birds enjoy human interaction but when in pairs they prefer to stick to themselves. We also found out that you aren’t supposed to introduce a new bird to a cage already inhabited as they are very territorial. These birds were cared for very well but had a very short life span of a little over a year.

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