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Messy Little Birds!


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Mar 25, 2014

Budgies are beautiful birds, but they pretty much convinced me that I am not a bird person. A friend who was going on vacation left six budgies in my care, and never came back for them.

I had to learn a lot about budgie care in a hurry, and for the most part it was fun. These little birds take up very little space, even with six individual cages. All they required was water, a little feed, a cuttlebone and some toys.

What was NOT fun about budgies was the mess! I still can't believe that something so small could create so much disaster. They throw seeds, they lose feathers, they spread feces all the way across the room.

Honestly, it felt like they relieved themselves about sixty times an hour. I was constantly cleaning cages, changing newspapers, cleaning out nasty water dishes, scrubbing walls, and vacuuming up seeds. Then for no reason whatsoever, they would decide to get incredibly hyper and fly around the cage, spreading everything back over the freshly cleaned room.

They also weren't very friendly, but that could have been due to the previous owner and their training. Anytime I tried to take them out of the cage, they escaped. Usually, this meant an hour or more of trying to recapture them in the room, but once I did lose a budgie who took a chance on an open window.

This budgie was the worst of the "flock". He would attack my hand anytime I tried to fill up the food or water tray. He knew how to open the cage door, and if you didn't keep it tied shut he would let himself out and attack the other birds cages, creating a panic...and more scattered seeds.

I never could catch him once he was outside. He sat flew around the trees in the yard for a few weeks, mocking me, then vanished. I eventually found homes for the remaining budgies.

Although I loved hearing them sing and chatter, and I loved their pretty plumage, I just didn't enjoy cleaning up the constant mess. And I really worried that another one would escape one day and make another meal for one of the barn cats!

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