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An unexpected Budgie


Posted Feb 24, 2014

I'm not going to lie, I've never been the person to keep birds. However, when this little budgerigar landed on my balcony, I couldn't make myself let it go or give it away.
It's not that hard to get accustomed to it - all it requires is a few minutes of your day. Cleaning its cage, when done on a regular basis, is not that hard. Providing food and water is very simple and easy.
Since I didn't buy it, but it miraculously landed next to me, I have absolutely no idea how old it was, but I managed to identify its gender (thanks to the internet). I did not attempt at training or teaching it to mimic at all.
It didn't interact much, but I did put a small mirror in its cage and it looked like it was trying to communicate with it's 'fellow' budgie. My Budgie didn't make much noise, so I wouldn't say that it's going to hurt your sleep or earn you complaints from your neighbors.
I used to let it spread its wings around the house, but it was extremely hard to get it back to its cage. I don't recommend letting it out for too long, since it randomly pooped on a shelf or the table at times. I must say, my Budgie was afraid of every direct contact with me or my family and it was impossible to make it trust me.
If you own a cat, please keep your Budgie out of its reach. My Budgie went crazy afraid at the sheer sight of my cat and desperately flapped its wings inside the cage.
To sum up, Budgies are ideal if you want a pet, but don't have much time to take care of it. It doesn't consume much of your time but it's still a little creature worthy of your love.

P.S. Please be smarter than my sister and open its cage only INDOORS. After her unsuccessful attempt to refill its food supplies, she left the cage open and my Budgie flew away. This is what happens when you neglect your pet :(.

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