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Posted Nov 20, 2013

Budgerigars are the most common and affordable parakeets to purchase at a pet store. They come in blue, green and rare colors. I've owned a couple of parakeets but this time I'm going to focus on an old friend of mine named Ralph. Ralph was a wonderful blue parakeet who used to perch on my father's shoulders when I was a child. The entire family loved and frequently communicated with Ralph. These birds can either be trained to become very chatty and social or remain introverted and to themselves. It really depends on how much time you have to spend with them. I had school and my parents had their jobs so there wasn't enough time to spend with Ralph for the majority of the day. We left him with his seed mix and water. Every once in a while we would tease him with some millet treats and he literally chirped in enthusiasm for them. It was very easy to please Ralph.

Secondly, we thought it would be a great idea to tame Ralph. Yes, he was a bit playful but he was still intimidated by the large, human hand. Wouldn't you be a little scared about a giant gorilla entering his hand into a cage with you in it? Nevertheless, these social companions may make it difficult for you to tame them but only for a while. It's all about patience and persistence. Most people get perches and slowly place hold them closer and closer to the bird until it became comfortable hopping onto the perch. This takes a great deal of patience. It may not work for a long time but one thing you can do is isolate yourself with the cage and the bird in a quiet room. You can keep trying and if the bird starts to tease the perch, you can whistle and feed it millet as a reward. Always reward your bird and never show frustration. They pick it up very quickly. Inevitably, the bird should become chattier and eventually want to perch on your finger and jump all over you. Don't get offended if they don't. It's their nature to feel more comfortable with budgies than humans. Always remember that patience is an essence.

Finally, if you're purchasing a budgie for your child, please remember that birds may panic if their cage is being smacked at with small human hands. Also, advise your children not to insert their hand into the cage. Budgies almost never bite unless they feel they're being attacked. They usually continuously chirp and fly away. Instead, instruct your child to communicate with the bird and sing to the bird whenever they walk by it. This way, the bird will understand that nobody in the household wants to hurt it. Some birds have bad pasts, considering where they're purchased from. If you've rescued a lost budgie, taming and convincing it that it's part of the family is going to take a much longer amount of time. Still, these cute, energetic little buddies are too social for that to last forever. They make great pets and once you gain their trust you can take them out of the cage and in an enclosed room. They love to get some exercise and fly around for a little bit. Soon, you and your new pet will become best of friends.

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