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Maurice - one very loved and well-travelled budgie!


Victoria, Australia

Posted Sep 04, 2013

Maurice was a female (yes, in spite of the name - she was my sister's bird and that's what she went with!) budgie who was unceremoniously flung out of the nest by her Mum when she was born (we seem to tend towards animal rescue, one way or another, in my family!) and my sister was given her by my Uncle, who kept many different birds. She was a delightful little creature and my sister put a lot of time and effort into helping her thrive and training her up a bit.

Because she had been impacted physically by her circumstances, she wasn't really able to fly very well, but eventually, with practice, she could fly short distances around the house. She would quite happily come along and land on your shoulder and clamber up onto your head! Consequently, she was more out of her cage than in, I suspect!

Maurice came everywhere with us - I remember we went on a family holiday to Tasmania and she came along in her cage. She would go in the car most places with my sister as well! People were very amused by this and it became a given that if she could be on board, she probably would be - most notably, when my sister was involved! ;-)

There were a few close calls with Maurice - she wasn't particularly robust and got sick a few times...each time, my sister was just devastated and wouldn't leave her alone. I suspect that, again, her beginnings meant she was just that bit more vulnerable than she might have been otherwise.

When she passed away, it was terribly sad for us all - although she was my sister's budgie, she was really part of the family. Although we had other birds over time, Maurice was the most unique and entertaining...and somewhat iconic within the circle of our family and friends. :-)

Budgies are delightful in their own right - not expensive to care for and really just requiring you to keep the cage nice and clean and to give them things such as cuttlefish to help keep their beaks nice and strong. If you happen to ever have the opportunity to finger-train one from a very young age, you'll really appreciate the way they can learn and, additionally, how devoted they will be to you. I believe there are many more layers to birds than people might initially think...we saw a wonderful personality in Maurice and I'm certain that's the case with all others!

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