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Mina and Myrtle-Our Budgies



Posted Aug 23, 2013

We had two budgies: Mina and Myrtle. They were both green and loved each others company. They lived in a cage inside and were always chattering away to each other. We didn't let them out of the cage much as once Myrtle just about got outside. It was only through a race to slam the door and I won, that prevented her from a great escape. It's a funny story how we got Mina. Myrtle we already had. One day while relaxing outside reading a book when I heard a thud. A bird had flown straight into the verandah and hit the wall. She obviously wasn't watching where she was going. There was Mina, now sitting on the ground, looking at me as I was her in astonishment. She was friendly and let me pick her up. Myrtle was very accommodating and was happy to share her cage with a stranger. She looked healthy.

After placing advertisements at the local shops and on power poles and traffic lights no-one came forward to claim her, and we were delighted. Myrtle was happy too, she had a new friend.

We fed them seed from the local supermarket especially designed for budgies. They loved it. We also cleaned their cage out weekly, ensured there was some budgie toys to play with and there was always always always fresh water. We also gave them cuttlefish to gnaw.

We moved and couldn't take Mina and Myrtle with us so my best friend gladly took them in. I still see them. She has trained them to sit on her shoulders and head and they are now often out of the cage.

Would I recommend a Budgie? Definitely, they are friendly, happy chirpy birds, that are no hassle at all.

Pluses: Chatty, can be trained, economical to purchase, feed is cheap, friendly and can be let out of the cage (make sure no doors are open like I nearly did.)
Minuses: If you're not into cage cleaning then don't get a budgie. They need their cages cleaned. Better to have two budgies then one.

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