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Panicky Parakeet


United States

Posted Aug 17, 2013

Skye was a Budgie Parakeet my little sister owned. She had him for only a year before he passed away. I didn't know exactly how old he was when we got him, but he was bought from a pet shop that bred their own birds so I don't think he was too old. Skye didn't like people trying to hold him, he didn't like hands anywhere near his cage and would flee from them. He would sing during the day, sometimes at night while we slept. My sister really didn't know what she was doing when she got him. She just wanted a pet to call her own. She didn't try to read up on them or really think it through. She thought this bird would talk, do tricks, play with her and her friends. It didn't happen like that.

I remember watching my sister try to wrangle her parakeet so she could hold him. He'd fly around his cage in a panic to flee her hands and even when she did get a hold of him, he never calmed down. I honestly believed he passed away from a little bird heart attack. She and her friends were always grabbing at him. The poor little thing never had much rest and then one day, I came home from school to see my sister frowning as my uncle placed the bird in a shoe box. I asked what happened and was told he was dead. I thought my sister needed comforting but she never really attached herself to the poor little thing. In this case I don't believe there really was anything wrong with the bird. I believe he was a bird. I believe the fault lied with my sister and her lack of knowledge.

The pet stores near where I live always have budgies. They are always running from hands and don't like to be held. I'm not sure if this is just a trait of theirs or if it is something that they do because they are in a pet store, but I recommend anyone thinking of getting one really consider WHY they want a bird. Do you want a best friend? Someone to cuddle and pet like my sister did? Or, are you content with sitting and listening to the beautiful voice of the bird? Really think about it hard before getting one.

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