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United Kingdom

Posted Jul 25, 2013

One of my budgies accompanied me for 14 years, he was my best childhood friend.
One breeder said, that budgies live longer when they are without a partner throughout their lives. Because lives with partners are more exciting ... and more stressful.
As long as you play daily with your bird for at least! an hour and show him that he's loved, a budgie can live a happy and very long life (up to 21 years). But then again, who wants to be lonely?
I used to visit friends with budgies or other pets to keep him amazed and we were together all the time anyway. When I wasn't in school, I was with him. And he was one happy bird.

Budgies need little effort in care. Daily fresh food and water and a small choice of fruits, vegetables and herbs throughout a week and a bird bath every now and then, a fresh twig to keep the beak in shape, that is the TLC they need.
Keep the cage clean and fresh sand in its bottom tray, that the bird can sandbath when it's needed, and swallow the sand corns to help their digestion (the sand corns help to grind the seed kernels in their stomach... a necessary evil when you have a beak without teeth). You should as well make sure that your Tweety has a chalk stone or other source of chalk in his cage to balance their nutrition. (DO NOT give them chalk stones for rodents. These contain salt whitch is poison for your bird. Also: roasted sunflower seeds and fresh apple seeds can be deadly.)
Don't give your bird junk food, although he will love it, it's not good for him.
Depending on their nutrition and water quality the may develop gout when they become older, but this usually happens with older age.
Keep their claws trimmed to enable them to a comfortable hold on their twigs and branches and grip on flat surfaces.
Over all: a budgie is an inexpensive and joyful pet, suitable for all ages, as long as you don't mind some little feathers flying around, to let you know you've got company.

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