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Budgerigar - A Small Colorful Bird That Is Surprisngly Intelligent


United States

Posted Jun 25, 2013

I've owned a 3 Budgerigars (I simply called them parakeets).

They were small enough to hold in one hand and they are very colorful. Each bird was a different color and had an elaborate pattern on their feathers. This is what attracted me to them.

They were a fair amount of work to own. A place for the cage needed to be set up and cleaned regularly. They were fed a combination of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and parakeet food pellets.

As long as they were awake, they were making noise. They didn't sing songs or mimic sounds they heard around the house. They would just chirp and grunt. I have had friends with parrots and cockatiels that do learn songs. Parakeets are vocally quieter than these other birds and are much less annoying (prefer hearing a chirp rather than Hello? or some jingle over and over again).

When I first got the birds, they were a bit nippy. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend them to children. After a few weeks, they became more docile and gradually affectionate. This surprised me since I didn't think they would be sweet to other animals. They got along with each other very well, although not well enough to reproduce.

My father took the time to each one of them flight paths and some very basic commands (calling & feeding by hand). This surprised me as well. I did not think such a small bird would be able to learn to listen to a human. After a couple years my family moved and gave the parakeets to friends.

Overall I would recommend this bird to anyone interested in raising small birds. They are smaller and quieter than many other bird breeds, are intelligent enough to learn tricks and are affectionate to their owners.

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