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If you are going to get a bird, get a budgie


United States

Posted May 17, 2013

I had six parakeets throughout my life and half were friendly and the other half were not interested in making friends. It is kind of the luck of the draw with them and you just have to hope you get a good one. A cool thing about parakeets, separate from some other birds, is that they can be trained to sit on your finger or even do tricks. It takes a bit of work to get them to cooperate but once they do they can be funny little playmates. I once built a maze out of blocks and put my parakeet it and he wondered the maze for a few minutes till he found the fruit I had put in there for him. They can be incredibly social but like I also said, they can have a bad temperament as well. Parakeets can be somewhat interactive as you can let them out of their cage to play. They love exploring rooms and perching on various things throughout. Warning though, let a parakeet out of its cage and you run the risk of letting it fly out an open window, which happens often. Another danger is letting kids or other pets around them. You are going to have some very unhappy kids on your hands if you own a dog or cat and let your parakeet out often. The dog or cat may not mean to maim or hurt the bird but due to their small size they can easily be injured. One thing you are going to quickly realize with these pets is that they are really messy and cleaning their cage is dirty and gross. You can’t really expect them to be clean, they just sit in their cage all day eating and pooping. Before purchasing a parakeet you may look into getting a newspaper subscription because you’ll be lining the bottom of the cage often with it. Parakeets have a very pretty singing voice and this is perhaps one of their biggest draws. People often get them to keep them company while they are at home, and either do not want a dog or cat or cannot have them. They make great apartment pets as they take up very little room and sing to you while you are alone.

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