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United Kingdom

Posted Apr 14, 2013

A gorgeous green budgie with a yellow head, Bobbie was my 10th birthday present and he was a great pet until the time we took him to the vet to discover he had become she which apparently can happen.

Bobbie was only a baby when we first got him so he was fairly easy to train. Just repeating things to him meant that soon he would come out and say things all by himself, especially at night time when the cloth would go over his cage. For some reason thats when he started chattering the most. Over time we trained him to fly onto our shoulders and thats where he would spend the evening watching tv and twittering in our ears.

The best thing about these birds are that they are very easy to look after and cheap too. I can remember getting home to be told 'he's your pet, your responsibility' but I soon got the hang of it all. Some sandpaper on the floor of a cage large enough for him to fly around in. Some bird seed in a dish attached to the side of the cage, remembering to gently blow any husks off regularly and of course clean fresh water too. A millet spray and cuttle fish were treats as I remember too. Then a mirror to mimic another bird and some toys were also added but these were all really cheap to buy.

As Bobbie was so friendly once everyone was in the family room in the evening and the doors shut, his door would be open to allow him to fly in and out as he pleased. He tended to fly to one of us, sit on our shoulder for a while then fly off and do the same to my brother, mum or dad.

Bobbie was a great pet and the morning of my 13th birthday was a very sad one as we came downstairs to find Bobbie had died. Those three years were great though.

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