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"Budgies" - Delightful, melodious little birds for the home


United States

Posted Feb 19, 2013

We had two parakeets when I was growing up, a blue one and green one, and they brought marvelous joy and entertainment to the whole family. From morning to night, they could be heard chattering away at one another in the sunny room where they lived at the front of the house. They enjoyed dining on simple birdseed everyday, and the cuttlebone that they shared. Cuttlebone is a big hard white bone that comes from a sea animal called a Cuttlefish, and it is very high in nutrients, including calcium, that a parakeet needs in order to stay healthy. The birds also use this bone to keep their beaks polished and smooth and "nice-looking".
Parakeets need to have their cage covered with a blanket at night, to block out all light so that they can sleep. I believe it also provides a sense of security, and general privacy. And routine. On the occasion that we would come home later than usual at night, the birds would be obviously annoyed at the family. They would turn around on their perches so that their backs faced us, and would speak no more for the night. We would simply cover them politely and let them get to bed. In the morning, all was forgotten and the birds were back to their cheery selves again.
Once in a while, a parakeet will fall from it's perch in the night, and fly around crazily in the cage, making quite a bit of racket, because he can't find his perch in dark. When this happens, someone simply needs to go turn on a light, uncover the cage, and let the little guy reorient himself. Then, they can be covered up again, and everyone goes back to sleep. This occurrence is very infrequent, but it does happen from time to time.
Parakeets are a bit messy, requiring a certain diligence to keep their area clean. You'll be changing out soiled newspapers from the bottom of their cage and replacing it with fresh newspaper on a regular basis, and it is inevitable that bird seed will sometimes be flung from the cage and land in various places around the room. Probably a very small price to pay, to enjoy these sunny little creatures in your home.

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