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Idaho, United States

Posted Feb 06, 2013

While growing up my mom always had to have parakeets. Often they were male, we'd have one most of the time, but there were years when we had two. Most of the green and yellow colored ones all had the name Pretty Boy because my mom loved to train them to say it. The blue ones were all Bluebell.

I don't remember them being able to say much of anything, but they tweet the sound of Pretty Boy and would tweet back at you when you spoke to them. They were often most chatty in the mornings. I think they liked the sunlight. They loved the perch on their little swings in the cage the most and there some of them who loved to bang the toy bells against the little bars of the bird cage to make the crashing noise. They enjoyed it.

Maintenance only involved clipping their wings if you didn't want them flying all over the house and getting stuck or lost somewhere when you took them out to hold them and talk to them. I believe we also clipped their claws when they got too long.

When we had two of them in the cage they often became very close and would cuddle, especially at night or when they were sleeping. When one of them eventually died the other one would get very lonely and so we'd have to go buy them a new friend so they would cheer up and not have their health go down hill.

You can easily train them to perch on your finger just by holding your finger out and brushing it gently against their tummy. Eventually they'll learn to step up onto it. Some of them take more tries to learn that than other ones.

Cleaning their cage is very easy as you just slide the flooring out and change the newspaper, and then refill their birdseed and water.

They can be very friendly and love perching on your shoulder. I remember all of them loved to snuggled my neck or ears to where it would give me chills and since I have long hair they'd try to play with it. Besides maybe the one or two we had who bit, I remember them being good pets.

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