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East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Budgies are fun little guys - on the whole, generally "easier" to keep than parrots, however they still require a good amount of care.

In groups, they can be happily housed together, this makes them popular with aviaries and indoor large cage systems. They come in many, many different colour types and mutations, which are popular for being bred & shown for colour and style, such as green, mauve, greywing, yellowface, opaline, spangle, violet, lutino, etc. These can all be caused by Dominant or Recessive genes.

Kept individually, you will generally have a bit more chance of taming them to the hand and to speak, however speaking Budgies are in the minority. Those that can speak are surprisingly very good. Many just copy noises and whistles.

Their standard diet is a small seed, usually a millet mix & millet sprays. They often enjoy fruit & veg cut up, and the better the diet (i.e pellets) the less fat you're giving them in their diet. They enjoy cuttle fish (which also helps trim beaks and nails) and many love cuttlefish sand for the base of their cages. They often love water, and if hand tamed, may enjoy bathing under a tap from your hand.

Many budgies are not given a healthy lifestyle, and are sadly found to suffer from this, causing very short lifespans (as short as 1-2 years) Though small, they need to be looked after and cared for as any other parrot or animal.
The oldest Budgie I have owned lived for 9 years and was very healthy - though massively disliked being handled, so served the purpose as a companion for some of my other birds. I picked up some rescue Budgies after their breeder passed away & remained unfound for a week. One of these Budgies passed away last year at still a relatively young age, sadly due to the knock she had taken to her health as a young chick.

They can be very noisy, especially when owning several in one go. They will often sing/twitter at the same time and can try to compete with a TV or radio. They are colourful, amusing little birds that love to interact with eachother.

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