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Budgie Rescue of Trinity and Neo


Minnesota, United States

Posted Nov 28, 2012

My family and I rescued 2 Budgies from the neighbor’s garage sale this past summer. They were pretty neglected and the lady felt bad that they were left in a back bedroom alone most of the time. They are a male and female pair we named Neo and Trinity.
Not ever having taken care of birds before, I was very nervous!
We read that Budgies are very social and enjoy light and sound. So we took them home and placed them right in the family’s busy living room. At first they were afraid and kept to the back of their cage. It only took a couple of days for them to be out of cage and flying around!
They are fairly intelligent birds. Unfortunately, when they came to us they had a fear of hands, probably from being caught or chased by the last owners. We have had very little luck hand training them, but they have learned to live in our house just fine. Maybe they don’t want to sit on our hands but they still enjoy being around the family.
Their wings are not clipped. We uncover the cage in the morning and Trinity and Neo can enter and exit the cage whenever they like during the day. In the evening, they just put themselves back in the cage and we close the door! They spend the day moving back and forth from a few places in our home, like the top of the curtains or the stair railing. I was surprised how quickly they learned where we wanted them to fly and where we didn’t. I can leave them out and they behave very well!
They are friendly. Our Parakeets, particularly the male Neo, loves to “chat” with us. He chatters and clicks back at you. We have taught them both to make a simple click sound and a raspberry…but that is about it. They don’t talk and I don’t think we will be able to train them to.
They enjoy watching TV and listening to music. In fact, I leave the radio on for them when the family is away. Trinity and Neo also enjoy watching us! They are very curious about what the people are doing around them.
They are frightened of loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner.
Trinity and Neo are a “couple”. We were worried about having eggs, but we read that they won’t mate unless the female has a nesting spot. Also it seems Trinity isn’t as interested in Neo as he is in her! They are often very affectionate but sometimes they fight and Trinity can be a bit of a bully.
They are very inexpensive and easy to care for. They can be very loud and noisy, but this is mostly in the morning. The biggest drawback is the mess! Budgies are messy. We built a box around the base of their cage, but still they get the seed all over. And the molting! We had feathers all over the place. And the poop! Watch where you let them fly and sit; they poop without control.
Overall: The birds are cute, fun to watch, inexpensive and easy to care for. They are not a snuggle pet, nor do they talk like other pet birds and can be messy…but I find them to be smart and entertaining company.

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