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My brown head is a sassy cuddler


Portland, Oregon, United States

Posted Nov 23, 2008

I found our bird on craigslist.  I'm a parrot nerd who knows a little about most birds and has a fairly substantial parrot library in my living room.  I'd never heard of or seen a brown headed parrot before.  Her head seems more gray to me, but her head does seem to be turning a more brown shade of gray. The green feathers on her body are absolutely beautiful.  They are shiny emerald green.  Her chest is bright green and the yellow under her wings is amazing.   Her eyes are more almond shaped than most birds.

Our bird was shy when we went to meet her, but she was very affectionate towards her first owner. 

We took her home and she took only a couple hours to warm up to us.  Within a week, she was fluffing up for cuddles more than half the time she was in our laps. She's stopped fluffing for the man of the house, but for me, she's pretty much always cuddly.  She also allows me to flip her on her back.  She's fallen asleep in the palm of my hand.  I rub her forehead and her head dangles limply over the edge of my hand.  She looks dead.  If I make a scratching motion with my finger, she will run up my leg and head butt my hand.  She's very affectionate towards women.

She took a dangerous liking to climbing electrical cords; her favorite is the vaccuum.  She also enjoys perching on the edge of drinking glasses or shoes and singing into them. 

Neko doesn't stay on a playstand reliably.  She usually flies away within a minute. If she's on the stand with another bird, she will try to attack the other bird. She bullies around birds 2-4 times her size if she gets the chance. 

In the wild, I've read that these parrots live near rivers.  I have no trouble believing that!  Sometimes I take a bath with the birds perched on the edge of the tub. Inevitably, Neko tries to hop in the water.  (She requires close supervision.)  She enjoys showering with us too.

Neko reliable behaves around strangers.  She'll step up to pretty much anyone. She'll be affectionate towards strange women.  She's good with young (well behaved) children.  She is easy to put a leash and harness on (from day 1!!!) and behaves well on public outings.

Neko is quiet enough for our apartment and calls to our other two birds. Sometimes I can't tell who is chirping because Neko makes the exact sound of the bird she's talking to.  When we first brought her home, she said all the words my pionus said within a week.  She doesn't talk in people much anymore, but I know she is quite capable.

I think Neko is going through puberty now. She's a bit more grouchy sometimes. She doesn't bite, but she does hiss and look like she is goinig to bite if we try to touch her tail or otherwise annoy her.

Gram for gram, Neko is an absolute delight!  She will find trouble and must be supervised extra carefully, but her outgoing lovey personality more than makes up for that annoyance.  My other parrot is a super mellow pionus.  Between the two birds, I have most of the personality spectrum and I couldn't be happier!

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