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Buddy the Talkative, Playful Parrot


Ontario, Canada

Posted May 30, 2013

My uncle has a brown-headed parrot named Buddy. Before getting a parrot, my uncle had dogs but decided to switch animals as the Brown-Headed parrots live up to thirty years.

I have been Buddy's "bird-sitter" for the last six years and am listed in my Uncle's will as the guardian, should Buddy and his other parrot, Winnie, outlive him. It's important to keep in mind if you are considering buying a parrot, that they do live for a very long time.

Buddy doesn't speak but he imitates all kinds of sounds and whistles. He is incredibly playful, friendly, can do a little dance, and loves to climb up on people's shoulders. He goes with my uncle almost everywhere, including once to a hospital. He can bite so he has to be watched with people so this is prevented. He bites things like necklaces or jewellery or to get a peanut out of your hand so accidents can happen.

Overall the cost of owning Buddy has been quite low but it will add up over thirty years. It is very expensive to fly with birds. My uncle and I once drove from Canada to California for vacation, because it was cheaper than flying with the birds. There was a lot of paperwork with crossing the border and trips to the vet in Canada and the USA. Since, I don't imagine most people travel with their birds this shouldn't be an issue.

Brown-headed parrots like a calmer environment. I wouldn't recommend them for young children. I would recommend them for adults and calm children. Buddy lives with another bird and they get along well and I know others who have multipe Brown-Headed parrots as well. They are very intelligent, fun birds that will be a part of your family for a long time.

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