Pretty Baby

Bronze-winged Pionus

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The Love of Bronze Wing Pionus


Texas, United States

Posted May 21, 2009

When we bought Pretty Baby we had no clue about this breed. Right away we took her to our Vet for a check up. He told us she was very healthy and what a lovely bird.
Once home we started researching all there is to know about the Bronze Wing. We soon found out that they are just no being introduced to captive breeding. It is hard to find a mating pair. These birds are so much like humans that they are picky when it comes to their mates. When we buy a male for her there is no way of know if she will like him or not. Right now she has bonded with my daughter. Jennifer can do anything with her. My husband can hold her and kiss her but thats it. I on the other hand can't do that much. I have 12 Cockatiels, a House Sparrow we raised from 5 days old, and two Lovebirds. My Cockatiels get most of my attention and Pretty Baby thinks I am of that breed. If she gets to the floor she will come to me to put her back on the perch.
As far as a pet I still have to say the Bronze Wing is great. They are called the Rainbows of the birds. Althought their colors seem dull at first, just put them in the sunlight and you will be amazed as to all the colors. They aren't loud birds unless frightened or wants attention from you. She will sit out of her cage all day playing. It is said that they are the one parrot that is good for all ages of people. This I don't know is true as there are only adults in our home. We have a couple of small children that come to visit us and she will sit on them. But they are not allowed to touch her. Everyone is warned that she cracks pecan shells with her beaks and they respect her for that as I do!

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