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New York, United States

Posted Aug 24, 2011

I bought my Rosy Bourke, Isabella, from a pet shop. From what they told me, she was not hand fed or had any training. She had just become fully feathered when I bought her. She was extremely quiet and reserved at first. I eventually put her in a flight cage with canaries and she did quite well with them.
I really didn't do much as of training for those first couple of months until she got used to me. She gradually began to trust me and would perch on my shoulder for a little bit or step up on my hand. I clipped her wings once, but she had such a hard time, that I said never again (and why clip those pretty blue wing feathers?)
By the time she was a year old, she had completely bonded with me. She very much enjoyed sitting on my shoulder wherever I went. If I bent over, she would walk down my back. When I stood up, she'd walk back to my shoulder. She would also be very content sitting in a perch nearby. We sometimes called her the "boomerang bird" because she would without fail fly back to me if someone threw her in the air. She would even fly up the staircase to look for me. She would also cuddle into my cheek if she was sitting on my shoulder. Sometimes she would even spread her wings out.
The only problem I had with her is that she went into breeding mode and never really left it. This meant egg laying all the time (even with decoy eggs and taking her away from the male canaries) and she would call and call when I was in a different room. She didn't have very loud voice, but it could get on your nerves if you were trying to take a nap.
Another thing I loved was that she never, never bit. Maybe a hiss, but if she became angry, she would bite her perch and not your finger! She was a little wary of strangers and would fly away, but never bit them.
As far as toys, she never played with anything except paper chewing and those bamboo paper chew strips. She wasn't a messy bird and preferred to sit on a shoulder or perch than getting into trouble. I hear Bourke’s like to walk on the ground or the bottom of a cage, but Izzy never really did.
All in all, I would say a Rosy Bourke is a great pet for a person with a little patience to get them over their initial shyness. They have a very sweet voice, a gentle demeanor, and are beautiful to boot!

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