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Shy Little Bird


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Feb 26, 2014

This beautiful bird was the first pet that I bought with my own saved-up money from working. There was something so irresistibly beautiful about the pink plumage. I was fourteen at the time, and it took a lot of summer work to buy what the breeder called a "grass parakeet", even though she discounted her for me a great deal.

I brought Diana home and placed her in a quite location in my room. She was an incredibly shy bird. She also startled very easily, and would hunker in the corner and squeak when scared. It took weeks of patient handling and a soothing voice, but I eventually got her where she would eat from my hand, though she could never be held without having tremors.

I was content to not hold her though, because she seemed happy enough when left in her cage. She would sing in the mornings and evenings, and grass parakeets have a lovely twitter. Much more melodic than that of budgies.

I kept Diana for a year, then came home to find her dead in her cage. I don't know what happened, but I suspect something startled her. She was frightened very easily by things such as vacuum cleaners or the sound of machinery outside.

The Bourke's parrot is still one of my favorite birds. I dream someday of having an aviary where I can keep a pair. I know that they can make excellent pets, but I would be quite happy to just watch them fly about and show off their lovely colors.

I'm not sure whether or not Diana was a normal or not, but she was the cleanest bird I ever cared for. Some birds sling seeds or husks and make great messes. She however, was the ultimate lady, and a very sweet pet.

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