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Posted Sep 10, 2014

I owned a yellow border fancy canary when I was younger, and found it an excellent pet. Canaries are very easy to keep as they're low maintainance and sweet natured birds.

They also don't need constant attention, and from my experience with Sonny he seemed very happy as a solitary bird.

Fresh water daily is a must, and seed can be blown on gently (to remove husks) and replaced regularly. A variety of foods is also really appreciated. Sonny loved green things, in particular cress or lettuce, and fruit such as chunks of apples or grapes - all really easy things to come across. He worked his way through most of the different fruits and vegetables in our fridge over the years, but those were his favourites!

A cuttle fish bone is needed for minerals, and seed treats and millet were extremely welcomed too.

Unlike Budgies, canaries don't seem to take to toys very much, although a mirror can result in a fair bit of curiosity. I found anything else was ignored, although perches or dry, clean twigs were happily hopped over.

Don't be tempted by a tall, round kind of cage. Canaries like to stretch their wings, so go for a nice long rectangular one with plenty of space for fluttering and don't clutter it with toys. Sonny absolutely loved his bath - one of the ones that clip onto the cage door. They're inexpensive but result in lots of happy splashing, and it's amusing to watch.

Health wise I found my canary a sturdy little creature and very low maintainance. Nail clipping was the main intervention needed, and I have to admit the very few times this was needed we took him back to the pet shop where they were happy to do it for me.

He was a regular singer too, particularly in the morning, and especially if bright and sunny. It was a very sweet toned warble of varying notes, really very pleasing to listen too.

He was prone to a moulting period towards the end of the summer, but this is normal. Just expect little yellow feathers to find their way everywhere for a few weeks!

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