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The Canary King


nelson bay, New South Wales, Australia

Posted Nov 18, 2013

My Dad has grown up with Canaries. When he was a kid he got my grandmother to buy him a small bird cage and a pair or canaries, before he knew it they were breading & he had young canaries to sell to all the neighbours.

Once he owned his own home he was quick to buy a Large avery and start again.
He would make makeshift bird nests with empty Milo tins cut down the middle, leave them dried grass and fibre so they could line the nests & make sure they had plenty of egg & biscuit to feed their young once hatched.
I remember my dad checking the birds nests each morning & replacing the birds eggs with a marble so the mother hen didnt think her eggs were gone (this was to ensure all the eggs would develop at the same rate once placed back in the nest, minimising the chance of the younger ones missing out on food over their day older and stronger sibling)

My dad loved & still does LOVE canaries.

As a child i thought "this isnt fair, why cant he buy a bird that i can train to talk??"
I also hated the constant loud whistling that would start bright and early at 6am every morning & keep me tossing and turning (lucky me had the bedroom that backed onto the avery) but now that I'm older i have grown to truly appreciate them.

The males whistles are after all very beautiful, they all have a unique little melody.

They are easy to care for if you just intend on having one or two in a small cage like most people do & not breeding them, as that requires abit more work.

I wouldn't recommend these for families with young children as i think most kids would tend to agree that they are "boring" when your young.

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