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Border Fancy Canary

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Contrary Canary


Tennessee, United States

Posted May 28, 2013

My mother had a pet canary named Pretty Bird which she adored but not having a lot of time to care for the canary, she asked me if I wanted him. Now mind you, I didn't know anything about caring for Pretty Bird but I agreed to take him home. He seemed contrary and would not sing as I thought canary's were supposed to do so I was worried that something was wrong with him.
I sat down at the computer and began to research about canaries and found out some interesting facts. Canaries live an average of 5 to 9 years and are small birds, averaging from 3 to 6 inches and weighing in at approximately 20 grams. They are one of the most popular small bird species in the United States and this is because of their great singing ability. Male canaries love to sing and can be found throughout the entire United States, South America, Australia and parts of Asia. Canaries come in many different colors and there are several different types available for sale in the United States. Canaries eat a lot of seed, but they also need fruits and vegetables to have a balanced diet and in their cage they need
a swing, bells, whistles, mirrors to admire themselves as well as a water bowl to bathe in and drink from.
After extensive research I still did not know why the canary was so sad because I had supplied him with everything he could possibly need. He didn't sing or bathe in his water bowl, he only sat on his perch and stared out of his cage.
Fearing the canary was sick, I took it to the vet who told me the bird was physically well and maybe the problem was an emotional one. The vet proceeded to ask me where I had gotten Pretty Bird and when I told him, he answered, "If you want to make this bird better, take him home."
When I got back home with Pretty Bird I called my mother and told her what the vet had said. Her response was, "I was about to call and ask if you would bring him home...I miss talking to him."
I took Pretty Bird home the next day and that night when I called my mother, she informed me that the contrary canary was singing like a lark. I guess it is true...there's no place like home.

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