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Posted Dec 30, 2014

I've lived with this bird literally my entire life (I'm 24) and there's already plans for which of my siblings will inherit the bird when my parents pass because we're fully prepared for him to outlive us all.

My parents got Tyler several years before I was born. He has since been extremely jealous and aggressive towards me and my siblings. He's territorial of my mom yet very cuddly towards her. He's snippy sometimes with my dad but he's never bitten him. He has bitten me and my siblings (sometimes more than once) and it hurts. A lot. His beak is incredibly strong and can pierce all the way to the bone.
Not all parrots might not like children but it's definitely worth checking out first before the hospital bills roll in for stitching up bleeding (or missing!) fingers.

Diet is not that special. There's a parrot mix my mom gets at Wal*Mart with various seeds, nuts and bits of peppers. He especially likes sour and hot foods and foods he can tear apart: chicken bones (he likes the marrow), peanuts, grapes, peppers, etc.
He also likes baths and regularly bathes in his water dish which makes a mess in and around his cage.

Highly intelligent and mischievous. Tyler figured out quickly how to lift the latch on his cage and get out. It's rather a terrifying experience as a young child to walk into the kitchen and see this bird who is aggressive towards you free from his cage. So he has a specialized lock on his cage now that he can't open.
He did the same with this food bowls. They're attached to his cage and he figured out how to unlatch them so they fell off.

Some mimicry that he picked up on his own. When my siblings and I were babies, we would cry and Tyler would pick it up and even after 20+ years of no babies in the house anymore, he still cries. The police were actually called to our house once because the neighbors thought us kids had been left on the porch to cry but it was just the bird.

- Insanely long life expectancy. Something like sixty years I think? If well cared for, possibly longer.
- Will eat pretty much anything.
- Pretty coloring to the feathers, greens, yellows and a sky blue on the front.
- Affectionate to the owner, but not at all those who he/she doesn't like.
- Fairly easy to clean cage. It's just some newspapers on the bottom of his cage (that he also likes to tear up) which get replaced every few weeks.

- When/if he/she bites, the beak is strong enough to sever fingertips.
- Can have aggressive tendencies.
- Occasionally loud. For Tyler, there's no set pattern to his noises. He squawks when someone's eating toast and he wants some. He screams when other people are loud in the house. He's quiet at night though and doesn't constantly make noise.
- This is a tropical bird, not a cold weather bird. I live in Indiana so we do have cold weather but Tyler is an indoor bird. If your house is drafty, cover his/her cage with a cloth and try to keep away from major drafts.
- Destructive. Likes to chew and tear things apart. If you do cover with a cloth, make sure it's something that can get ruined, chewed on, become holey because it will.

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