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Review: Blue-crowned Conure


Texas, United States

Posted Oct 27, 2008

A conure is a conure is a conure, right?  Wrong!  Blue-crowns are one of the top on the list of conures.  All things considered, they are somewhat quiet for a conure - now, don't mistake my meaning there:  they are not quiet; they are quiet for a conure.

Of all the things conures are known for, quiet isn't at all high on the list. The blue-crown has an amazing learning capability and, if you happen to get one that is at all inclined toward mimicking human speech, you won't be disappointed in its abilities.

They are also adept entertainers and come up with very clever tricks and antics on their own.  Many can be a bit of a cuddlebug and will enjoy spending hours preening you and generally walking all over you.

Don't have the expectation of the 'Paulie,' the blue-crown of movie fame; that was an exceptionally well-trained conure that someone had spent hours a day, day after day, training.  As with any hookbill, you'll get out what you put in and some are going to have different talents than others.  Some may mimick human speech more; some may perform more antics.

Conures are loud.  AND WHEN I SAY CONURES ARE LOUD, I DO MEAN THEY ARE LOOOOUUUUUUD.  *L*   It is part and parcel of the whole package of truly being a conure.  In their genetic make-up are miles and miles of rain forest sounds over which their voices must carry in order to keep in contact with the rest of the flock.  This is natural to them so, if you're loud, or the television is loud, or the kids are loud, or the phone is loud, they are simply going to out-loud you, the kids, or whatever is being loud.  They consider it their duty.

If you can take the noise (and have the assurance of other family members that they won't kick you and the bird out), these are terrific little companions.

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