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The Blue-Crowned Conure - A Perfect Match


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Nov 06, 2014

My two experiences with Blue-Crowned Conures have both been exceptional. Both of my birds were male, and were extremely sweet, affectionate, and relentlessly playful.

The most tedious of commitments I had to make to these birds were regular preening of feathers and habitat cleaning. However, in comparison to larger species of parrots, this maintenance was very minimal. They are a small breed of parrot, and therefore require relatively inexpensive and small toys and food supplies.

Both of my birds picked up tricks and mimicking very easily, although their mimicking abilities are muffled and more difficult to understand than other species of more articulate parrots. One of my Conures, Spud, would reply to my question of "what does a dog say?" with a "woof!". He also easily picked up on a trick where he would stand upright on my fingers and do a flip back to his perching position. My other bird had a wider vocabulary, and was capable of saying full phrases such as "what ya doing?" and other greetings.

These birds, like all parrots, do make noise, and if you are easily irritated with somewhat frequent coos and squaks, I would not recommend this bird. Although they are significantly less loud than other larger parrots, they do love to vocalize and play with bells and other noise-making toys.

They also sometimes will nip at your fingers, even those that are well trained and loyal to their owners. However by maintaining dominance, not allowing them to climb all over you without obvious consent, and maintaining loving but firm training methods of obedience, these birds are very compliant and easy to handle. (It also doesn't hurt that their beaks are much smaller, and therefore less capable of inflicting overly painful bites, at most it is usually a sharp pinch).

All in all, I would highly recommend this bird for a pet owner who is looking for a simple, playful, and loving companion, and for someone who has less time to dedicate to the training and upkeep of a more complex and high-maintenance exotic bird.

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