Blue-capped Cordon Bleu Finch

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Posted Oct 02, 2014

I kept red-cheeked cordons before coming across the blue-capped species. These are different species, rather than just different varieties, but I still didn’t imagine there would be much difference in disposition.

Their care is identical and appearance very similar. The blue-capped cordons are a bit larger than the red-cheeks and, of course, lack the red cheeks even in the male birds.

My male was sociable enough and he did remind me quite a bit of the red-cheeks. He was calm and peaceful with the other birds in the community aviary, although, the males can be quite aggressive with birds of their own species.

My red-cheeked cordon female was never my most sociable bird. She didn’t chase other birds, but she didn’t want anything to do with anyone other than her mate either. My blue-capped female, on the other hand, was one of the most aggressive birds I have ever kept.

She didn’t mind her mate, but would actively chase other birds and would do so relentlessly. As long as they were on the other side of the aviary she was fine, but I moved her into a flight cage as an elderly bird and it ended with her separated from my other finches.

Strangely, after loosing her mate, she bonded with a diamond dove. The two were always together and were constantly commandeering a food bowl and fussing with it as if to make it a nesting site.

The blue-capped cordon female didn’t want any other birds around except for the dove and went after a black-cheeked waxbill. She kept viciously pecking the black-cheek even once she had her pinned to the ground and I was in with them trying to chase her off.

Once I got a hold of her, she decided to peck me instead, which was normal behavior for her. Her personality may have been painfully unsociable, but she was very hardy and ended up being one of my longest lived finches.

I’m assuming she was just a particularly cranky individual, but from the experiences I’ve had with them, I far prefer the demeanor of the red-cheeks. These birds like space and I would not again keep them with other birds outside of an aviary.

Blue-capped cordons are gorgeous, exotic finches, but they have the potential to be extremely aggressive birds.

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