Blue and Gold Macaw

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Blue and Red Macaw


Dakota, Minnesota, United States

Posted Jan 18, 2012

My friend purchased this bird for her petting zoo and then decided she couldn't use him as he could bite someone with his big strong beak. I got him from her when he was about 6 months old. He is very attached to me and calls me Grandma. In fact, sometimes when I am outside showing horse, he wil call for me and people will ask if I need to go take care of my "grandchild". I laugh and explain it is a macaw. Macaws are not for everyone. They can nip, some time hard. Rico, will bite me (usually gently) which then causes him to break out in laughter after yelling "Ouch". When Macaws trust you, they can also be very loving. Rico likes me to rock him in my arms. He will lay on his back and make little love sounds. He used to show me the high compliment of regeritating his food to "feed" me, but I let him know very quickly, that I didn't want him to do that. Macaws required a varied diet and a lot of attention. If they are bored, feeling lonely or unloved, they may pull out feathers and/or become ill.They live a long time and he is likely to outlive me, so I already have my grandson learning how to care for him. Macaws are wonderful mimics and learn quickly. Sometimes he amazes me. Once I was triming his nails (which he hates) and he jerked his leg back and scolded me "Shame on you". I busted out laughing. They are quite intelligent and fun to know, but lots of work and expensive to buy and keep. His toys cost about $20 and he usually has destroyed them within 3 days. Still I would not have missed the experience of knowing this unique fellow.

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