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Blue and Gold Macaw

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Dancing Macaw


Georgia, United States

Posted Dec 01, 2011

I've lived around birds since I was a baby and have had my macaw in my family since it was a practically a baby and still needed to be hand fed. As such he never learned how to fly (though I don't doubt he'd be able to figure it out if necessary or if he got an atrium one day). He is very friendly with me and members of my family that handle him. He loves to be out of his cage playing with toys, being held, or being pet. He likes to bob back and forth or "dance" too, hence his name. Sometimes can be temperamental, but that's to be expected.

He knows how to say about ten words, but could probably learn more if we tried. Most/all of the words he taught himself just from hearing us say them over and over again! Every time we come in the door he usually tells us hello, even if it's late at night. Sometimes he randomly screams, but once again that's to be expected. When we had a umbrella cockatoo they were best friends and would sit on his cage at night and snuggle or preen each other so it is possible for them to get along with other birds in your house. Our birds became friends on their own somehow though and did not share a cage, if you want to introduce any bird to another I suggest Goggling it first!!

With any bird you should bath them regularly (I just put him in my tub with a hose hookup and sprinkle him with water for a minute or two, they do the rest of the work on their own. Some birds love to bathe though and will splash around in the water) to keep their feathers looking bright and healthy.

These birds require a large cage, which can be expensive, and do well with toys/things to chew on. Our bird started ripping the wall paper off the wall by his cage for instance and we ended up having to tear it all off to prevent him from doing it anymore. The bird itself is usually top end in price, but can live upwards of 80 or more years!! They are definitely a life long pet which you should take into consideration before buying one, especially considering what will happen to the bird should you not be able to take care of it. Will someone in your family take it or be able to take care of it? They are a popular breed though so finding a new owner might not be a problem.

Blue and golds are wonderful, beautiful birds and are good pets. They're very smart, they can almost always figure a way out of their cage for example (we use locks), and loving. Just remember you're not getting something like a cockatiel when you buy one!

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