Blue and Gold Macaw

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California, United States

Posted Nov 07, 2011

Baloo, our female Blue and Gold macaw, is about 27 years old. When our neighbors found themselves unable to control, handle or train her they asked us to take her knowing we had experience with macaws. Originally told she was a male, we were pleasantly surprised when after six months she laid an egg. We have had the pleasure of sharing her company for about ten years now. Baloo is a brilliant blue ranging in shades from turquoise to deep almost purple blue with lemon yellow to gold accenting plumage. She is also a little tyrant. While she adores me and tolerates my husband (traveling has made him less available). She believes she is the queen of the manor expecting her every demand be met and being prone to temper tantrums when denied. Baloo has an extensive vocabulary and it grows daily, she often uses words she has learned to create her own sentences, most making sense. She dances to music, but has yet to sing, although screaming is an oft practiced talent. She will eat anything she is given, both a blessing and a curse (not everything is good for her). She is not nearly as destructive as my large Harlequin macaw when handled, she rarely damages clothing or materials she can reach. She loves to play with toys and enjoys dismantling and destroying them. She enjoys car rides, and going places. She can become quite vocal. It was in the car she first uttered her battle cry "terrible cats". However she is much more destructive when in her cage snapping welds, breaking clips and removing screws frequently (she escaped her new cage in less than two hours). Baloo is more aggressive in general as well, she will attack unfamiliar people, and bites, often leaving open wounds. She attacks her cage closest to the broom when sweeping the floor near her cage. She also likes to wander and if her cage door is not secured (macaw proof lock required ) she can be found just about anywhere, preferring to climb up on the Harlequin or Goffin cockatoo's cage to torment them. In route she often times finds things just begging for her attention; a cardboard box needing to be fringed, a dog food bag needing another opening closer to the floor, or perhaps a vacuum needing to be disassembled or punished. We discipline Baloo with a water squirt gun. My youngest daughter taught her when squirted to go to the bottom of her cage and moan as if she were mortally wounded. All in all there is never a dull moment with a macaw as a friend and family member.

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