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Posted Aug 05, 2015

I loved my Macaw! Smart, beautiful, funny, sweet, he brought joy every day. He talked quite well and had a great sense of humor. He would tell on my dog when he was naughty, and he'd come and find me wherever I was in the house. I had him for 4 years, and he sadly died due to an unfortunate accident.
Blue and Gold Macaws make great pets, but not for everyone. First of all, they are big birds with powerful beaks -- I believe they have about 200 pounds of pressure -- so they can cause damage. You DO NOT want one to get angry and grab your finger or be anywhere near your eyes.
Also, they are LOUD. About once a day, mine would decide it was time to let loose, and when he did, he made the windows rattle! So if you are sensitive to loud sounds, a Macaw is not for you.
And because they're big birds, they require a very large cage, so not every home is ready for something like that. And they make a big mess. All birds are messy, and the bigger the bird, the bigger the mess.
Also, I would recommend that anyone thinking about getting a pet bird first find a vet willing to see birds. Not all of them do.
I loved my Macaw, and I miss him terribly. However, I have to be honest and say that if I had the opportunity to have one again, I would not do it. And that's simply because now I really think birds should be flying free, not put in cages. Birds are meant to fly.
However, if you do choose to get one, please make sure you give it plenty of chances to get out of the cage and interact with you and your family.
Parrots aren't difficult to care for, as long as you don't mind cleaning up after them. Most enjoy eating human food, and plenty of fruits and veggies should be a part of their diet. Avoid things like avocados, chocolate, and any kind of sweet. Other than avocados, the basic rule can be, if it isn't good for you, it isn't good for your bird.
Also, keep in mind that Macaws are extremely long-lived (typically). In fact, they could easily outlive you, so you have to think about what will happen to your pet if you were to pass away.
If you get a Macaw, you'll probably love it, but think long and hard before making such a commitment!

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