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Gabby - Blue and Gold Macaw


United States

Posted Jan 28, 2015

Let me start this review out by saying this; Macaws are ONLY for experienced bird owners! If you are new to birds you should start with something smaller such as a Parakeet, Cockatiel or Conure.

I've had the lucky experience of being able to personally work with and train a Blue-Gold Macaw. It was aggravating at times, but overall I would say it was a rewarding experience. Blue and Gold Macaws can be very finicky and if not handled properly and given A LOT of attention, they can become mean. However, when given attention and a properly stimulating environment, they will end up being a huge part of your life and a lifelong friend!

Blue-Gold Macaws live to be 50+ years old and thus; will be a very long-term pet. If you train one yourself you can expect to be bitten and it will hurt, bird handling gloves are highly recommended and professional help with training definitely does not hurt. Once properly trained, however, they will prove to be extremely smart and will mimic you, play with you, love you to death and give you constant companionship.

Gabby, the Macaw that I worked with, was about 10 months old when I first came into contact with her. She was very angry as her previous owner had abandoned her and she would not let anybody come close to her. It took a lot of trust-training and a lot of painful finger scars to finally get her to let me pet her.

Once I was able to touch her (with the help of two other professional friends of mine), she attached to me fairly quickly and I was able to start properly training her, leading eventually to socializing her with other people. The whole process took several months and was a learning experience not only for her, but myself as well. I learned a lot about her personality, her favorite treats, phrases, toys and even her favorite music. It was a very bonding experience and I would love to own a Macaw someday when I have the time to invest.

Macaws are expensive and take a lot of care, but if you can handle the setbacks and you have experience with birds, you will find that a Blue and Gold Macaw will give you and your family plenty to be happy about.

-Long life-span
-Can hold a conversation

-Tough to train
-Large, sharp beak
-High maintenance
-Requires constant stimulation

First photo provided by Snomanradio on Wikimedia.
( https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ara_ararauna_-Blue-and-gold_Macaw_-head_and_neck.jpg )

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