Blue and Gold Macaw

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Posted Oct 14, 2014

I purchased Blue in a way that I would never recommend to anyone wanting to buy a bird - from a pet shop!
Blue had had a previous owner, and was at the pet shop to sell because the pervious owner couldn't keep him. He was extremely attracted to me, almost instantly. There was something about the allure of owning such a large, beautiful bird...and since he was easy to hold and engaging, I just fell in love with him! He was expensive, and I had to purchase toys, a cage, etc. in addition to buying him. Sadly, this didn't deter me, as Blue bonded with ME and I was smitten.

The love affair was short-lived. He was demanding, extremely loud, messy, and eventually stopped trying to win my affections over. When I would get him out to play, he would chase my young girls down the hall and they'd have to close their doors and hide from him. I'm sure he would've bitten them, but the chasing thing was more of an amusing game to him than a full-scale assault. The girls tried to win him over giving him treats, but he still, ultimately, preferred me.

After about a year of caring for him I became pregnant and knew that the combination of him and a baby would be a no-go, so I had to find a home for him. He was eventually purchased by a store owner who kept him out to interact with his customers, and Blue thrived there.

The bottom line is that if you purchase a bird like this, you've got to realize YOU ARE MAKING AN INVESTMENT! His food, toys, etc, were the most expensive of any in the bird-world, because he was an absolutely gigantic bird. And, you have to factor in that these birds can line up to 70 years or more! Now that's a commitment you are passing down to your children, and they may not want the "inheritance".

Having Blue taught us a valuable lesson in pet ownership and responsibility. He also showed me many of the undesirable traits in the bird world, and helped our family find the RIGHT bird for us, next time we got a bird. We'd always been a bird-friendly home and we love birds -- who knew that when I finally found a bird that liked me he would be so difficult to live with?

Cost, longevity, upkeep, potentially bonding with only one family member, LOUD vocalizations when bored... So many reasons to NOT buy a bird of this size and temperament. But your bird as a baby and hand-feed/raise it. You will have a much better outcome as a pet owning family.

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