Blue and Gold Macaw

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Acquired: Breeder (non-professional, hobby breeder)

Gender: Male



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The Best Parrot: A Family Member


United States

Posted Sep 16, 2014

This review on an experience I had in late 2010 when I was staying with family during my divorce. It was rough time for me, so when my aunt introduced me to this beautiful bird I instantly fell in love with him. It is my only good experience with birds. He was very affectionate, loved giving me kisses and always wanted to be on my shoulder. I was sad to leave him more than I was to leave my family. He was great at repeating words and was quick to say things like "I love you" "Hello" "Oh shut up".
He was very vocal and required a lot of attention. I wouldn't wear shiny earrings or piercings around him though. He was sure to grab them and attempt to tear them off. He would playfully nip at you if you ignored him, but it wasn't terrible. I imagine if he'd really wanted to hurt us he could have. He was friendly with women, but didn't really have an affinity for men at all. I think it was because he was raised among women.but, I was feeling similarly towards that gender at the time so I didn't blame him. His food was a little pricy and he destroyed his toys on a regular basis, so make sure you have the money to invest in keeping them entertained.
****this bird was hand-fed and raised since he was a baby****

Pros: Friendly, Social, Active, Fun, Very Smart, Mimics a lot of noises and words (he even barked like the dogs in the house), dances, likes to be held, healthy

Cons: Big, requires a lot of attention, messy, loud (there is no off button for your convenience), likes shiny objects and will pull at earrings and piercings

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