Blue and Gold Macaw

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Acquired: Breeder (non-professional, hobby breeder)

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My second wife


Indiana, United States

Posted Apr 02, 2013

Yes, teach them to make noise an they will do so non stop. But I think they know when it isn't working because they will mix it up until they can get your attention. And no one or thing likes attention the way this crazy bird does. She seems to sense your mood and always knows the right thing to get you going or set you off. Of course she is also very good at complaining. We have another one that she loves to tell on. Her favorite thing being YELLING out to "MOM" when she wants to complain on her. Near human traits at times and better conversation than I get in most bars. She does take a lot of loving and attention and hates to be left out. And she has no problem letting you know it. But that is something that makes her special. Yes, I know I have too many animals, but they all love me for who I am and not for what they can get from me...unlike some people. If you are looking at getting one of these unique critters, you might want to consider it as taking on a new child and as a matter of adoption. They love attention and hate to be ignored, nor will they stand for it. And they can be dangerous I have heard, though my experience is they just like to have their own way and to be shown attention. A very amusing and loving pet. They outrank most of my other pets in gaining visitor's attention. Well, let's say that they are much louder and persistent than most of my other pets in getting such. They also need plenty of room to move around and get rather excited if not let out to exercise. This is no finch or parakeet that you trap in a cage. This bird must have room to explore and claim for its own or they will not be happy.

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