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Texas, United States

Posted Jan 25, 2013

I am currently an owner and breeder of blue and gold macaws. I have had them over a year and absolutely love them. I own 2 breeding pairs. Vicious and Jett named from Sid Vicious and Joan Jett, and the other pair Clyde and Fiona. We personally named the first pair. : ) Pair 2 are strictly a breeding pair and pair 1 are pets and occasionally breeders. (hard and nearly impossible for your bird to be a breeder and a pet, unless you give them a breeding break and retrain to think "pet". Mine were pets first ) I actually have them in a climate controlled building with a camera on them so I don't bother them all the time with checking on them. I have a 9 year old pair and a 6 year old pair. I've noticed when left alone, they learn to defend their cage and nest. Usually happens during breeding time and age. If pets they are easy to train, teach, and bond to. If breeding you usually want to leave them alone to do their business. The breeding ones are or were raised by their parents. If you truly want a pet it's best to hand raise yourself. Can be costly. Costing anywhere from $500 up to $3000 a piece. They can learn many things and bond quite fast. Easy to train in "step up","no biting", and "night night" where you put the cover over them at night and they do to their sleeping spot. They can lay up to 3 eggs, usually 1 egg every 2 or 3 days. Unfortunately, 1 usually dominates the others and they don't make it. Unless you hand feed them yourselves. Usually then 2 out of 3 can survive. I can only say this based on my experience. I'd love a 100% success rate! All of my b & g birds screech and make wild calls. I feed them pellet mix,seed,fruit and veggies. Nothing with pits, no caffeine or chocolate for these babies. I will scramble eggs and toast for mine. Hardest part is holding them still to clip wings or trim nails. But you have to teach them to trust you. Always have some flour or something similar near when trimming nails in case they bleed it will help stop the flow. Best pets, only negative is the screeching when showing dominance. But Imagine 4 beautiful chatter boxes that dance and greet you every time you walk through the door! I'm lucky!

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