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Great Birds, But Can Be Messy!


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Posted Oct 13, 2016

Barbary doves are usually referred to as Ringneck Doves. They come in a staggering array of colors (from Pink to Orange shades), but all 14 of the ones I own are white. When properly taken care of, they can live a very long time, and become quite friendly and tame with handling. Unlike hook billed birds, doves are soft billed, and cannot bite you.

I keep all of my doves two to a cage, and usually paired up with a male and female or two females. Two males in a cage is usually a disaster, and one of them will get beaten up badly. Also, if you provide the proper conditions and nesting material, a pair of doves will breed pretty easily.

One important thing to remember about doves and all other soft billed birds is how they process their food. Unlike hook billed birds such as parrots, doves swallow their seeds whole instead of shelling them first. For this reason, you will need to provide an extra dish of grit for them. This can be bought in any pet store and doesn't cost much, but it is not optional! Without it, they will not be able to get the proper nutrients from their food, and could get sick and die.

My birds do make a lot of noise, which mainly consists of "cooing" and "laughing". Doves do not sing or chirp like canaries do. They also tend to molt quite heavily at least twice a year, and have a habit of leaving dander everywhere. If you are going to keep doves in the house, I would recommend getting an air filter, because the dander is not good to breathe. If you breathe enough of it over the years, you can actually acquire a disease called "Pigeon Fanciers Lung", and it will kill you.

Overall, doves are very gentle and kind pets, but you will need to do a little more cleaning up with them than you would with some other types of birds. They don't really care about toys or anything like that, so they are relatively low maintenance and are generally very healthy.

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