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Ringneck doves - hardy and fecund


Victoria, Australia

Posted Oct 20, 2014

Ringneck doves are a great bird for young pet owners or people just beginning to care for birds. These doves are friendly (especially if raised from hatchlings) easy and cheap to feed (they love seeds and will eat some kitchen scraps) and are easy to breed.
If you have a male and a female, they are very likely to breed quickly.
I began with two doves and had 14 in about one year. The female lays 2-4 white eggs which she and the male incubate. Both parents care for the babies.
The doves will build a nest of twigs, but this will be flimsy and not really a good platform for laying eggs - you may have some broken eggs! Don't provide deep nesting boxes because these can hold moisture which can lead to disease and death in the young.

It helps if you provide a shelf with a lip to stop eggs rolling away, or shallow nesting boxes/trays near the roof of your aviary. At this time, also make sure the birds have access to thin twigs that they can carry, straw and some soft materials (not string because the birds can get tangled in this or eat it leading to injury or death!).

It is also helpful to provide soft foods when the adults are feeding babies - cooked lentils and pulses are cheap and easy.

These birds will land on your hand or arm without much effort to train them - just a little patience.

Ringneck doves can peck at one another to assert dominance, but this usually doesn't lead to serious injury. You may have to separate males, but I never had to do this - they resolved their pecking order without my input!
They are also very tolerant of other birds and peaceful, with a soft coo-ing call.

A great pet for kids and a great way to learn how to care for birds and begin your aviary.

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